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Write all the steps for getting the solution.1. Using Node voltage analysis, find the current in the Bohmresistor for the network shown in Figure.question​

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The Node Voltage Method is an organized methods of analyzing a circuit. The Node Voltage Method is based on Kirchhoff's Current Law. This technique is embedded inside the popular circuit simulator, \small \text{SPICE}SPICEstart text, S, P, I, C, E, end text.

What is the circuit analysis challenge? Solving any circuit means creating and solving 2E2E2, E independent equations, where EEE is the number of elements (components and sources). Half of the equations come from the individual element laws (like Ohm's Law), and the other half come from the connections between elements.

No matter what procedure we use to solve the circuit, there is no getting around the requirement to solve 2E2E2, E equations. Even for simple circuits, managing 2E2E2, E equations can be a lot of work. But, there are ways to organize the effort to make it very efficient. The Node Voltage Method is one of two very efficient procedures we have for solving circuits. (The other one is the Mesh Current Method.)

The Node Voltage Method is not new science. It processes the same amount of information contained in 2E2E2, E equations, but it is quite clever and efficient in how it organizes that information.

We will demonstrate the Node Voltage Method with the same circuit we solved using the fundamental laws:

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