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What were Hitler's first three territorial objectives? Describe whether they were taken politically or militarily. |

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I guess this sort of depends on what you count as a territorial objective -- whether you are thinking about things within Germany or only things outside the country.

Hitler's first actions that could be seen as territorial expansion were:

  • 1935, return of the Saar land to Germany.  It had been controlled by France under the Treaty of Versailles, but it had been part of Germany.  Its return was accomplished by a plebiscite -- a vote.
  • Remilitarization of the Rhineland.  This was also part of Germany but Germany was not allowed to put troops there.  The remilitarization was accomplished by sending troops in.

These were both within Germany.  Things outside of Germany:

  • The "Anschluss" with Austria.  March 1938  This was accomplished by a vote of Austrians, though there was pressure on them by the Germans.
  • The taking of the Sudetenland, a part of Czechoslovakia with a large German population.  This was accomplished diplomatically in September 1938
  • Occupation of the rest of Czechoslovakia.  This was done in March 1939.  It was accomplished by troops moving into the region, but there was not actually a war.
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