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ya bros, alluden :'(, alludo a los demas para que me ayuden, y no me ayudan? :'(, si es que me alludan, escuchen esto: Sweater Weather​

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1) February is the month of love

2) C is the third letter of the alphabet

3)July it is the month of the fatherland

4)x is the twentieth letter of the alphabet

5)Friday is the last day of the week

6)August is the eighth month of the year

7)t is the hammer of the alphabet



10)December is the last month of the year

11)March is the month of the donkeys

12)Sunday is the first day of the week

13)Tuesday is the second or third day of the week

14)May is the month of women

15)November is the month of Halloween or Day of the Dead



1) 1/7/87 = January 7, 1987

2)2/22/99 = February 22, 1999

3)3/2/80 = March 2, 1980

4)12/30/97 = December 30, 1997

5)6/6/83 = June 6, 1983

6)10/12/79 =  October 12, 1979

7)5/16/91 = May 16, 1991

8)11/8/93 = November 8, 1993

perdón por no responderte las que faltaron, no sabia que poner xd

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