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Where do oils come from?BacteriaPlantsFungiAnimals

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Crude oil originates from ancient fossilized organic materials, such as zooplankton and algae, which geochemical processes convert into oil. The name "mineral oil" is a misnomer, in that minerals are not the source of the oil—ancient plants and animals are. Mineral oil is organic.

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1) Since the bacteria has the ability to eat up oil it will help prevent further damage to the marine flora and fauna due to oil spills. (B)
2) Woolly Mammoth lived during the ice age as the weather became warmed their fur along with the change in their food supply may have caused their deaths. Based on the options given, shedding of fur may have helped them from going extinct.
3)Since the student wants to compare how thermal energy is transferred between spoons the best way to do that is to place an ice cube on each spoon and record the rate of melting of the cubes. Placing both spoons are room temperature and recording the change in temperature in each will not assist in answering his question. And measuring the change in the weight of the spoons after placing them in the freezer will not provide data in regards to the transfer of thermal energy.
4) Meiosis is defined as a type of cell that once it divides it results in four daughter cells, while mitosis is defined as the type of cell that results in two daughter cells and each has the same number and kind of chromosomes as the parent cell. Skin cells undergo mitosis as such, the answer is B, both characteristics represent mitosis.
5)A Punnett square is a diagram in the shape of a square that is used to predict an outcome of a cross breed. In other words, it is used to determine the probability that an offspring having a set genotype. In a Punnett square, a lower case letter indicates a recessive allele while an upper case letter represents dominant allele.
6) The Arctic is an environment that is covered in ice based on this animals are more likely to survive if they have white skin or fur as it would be easier for them to blend with the environment. Having black fur would make them stand out even more due to the environment.
7) Homozygous means that the gene has identical alleles on both homologous chromosomes. it is represented by two capital letters for a dominant trait as such, RR is the correct answer.
8) Since the question is referring to skin cancer specifically, the only option is A, avoid staying outdoors when the sun is strongest. Skin cancer is caused by a mutation in the cells in which UV light affects the cells of the skin.
9) since the chart is not given I am unable to answer the question but you mentioned that you knew the answer.

1. Earth is a place that is shaped and molded bylife.

Example of this would be plants.  During the early years of the Earth, primitiveplants according to scientists, may have helped decongest the amount of carbondioxide in the atmosphere.  They help inthe process called silicate weathering.

2. The Earth was born4.5 billion years ago.

The Earth is about a third of the age of the universe.  Earth was born from the same cloud of gasesthat birthed our sun and other celestial bodies in our solar system. It wasformed through extreme heat and pressure characterized as a molten planet atthe time.

3. Earth was covered in lavaand smothered in noxious gases.

It was, as mentioned earlier, a molten planet. Lava and noxiousgases were from the constant volcanic eruptions that occurred. These volcaniceruptions also helped shape the Earth’s crust when the molten material began tocool, creating more solid surfaces.

4. what cataclysm occurred that eventually led to the moon'sformation? Another planet, more or lessthe size of Mars slammed into Earth.

The planet Earth experienced many collisions with differentspace debris and dust like asteroids, meteors and comets contributed to theshape of the Earth. The formation of the moon was explained by the “giantimpact hypothesis” which proposes this cataclysm.

5. The young sun was weakerthan it is today.

The sun’s rays could barely penetrate the atmosphere. Theatmosphere was covered in carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.

6. When the atmosphere was thicker and dominated by carbon dioxide, the Earth had a reddish tinge to it andthe oceans would have had an olive greencolor rather than out familiar blue color.

The reddish-tinge would be due to the carbon dioxide concentration of the atmosphere at the time, which was a lot denser. The green color of the oceans would have been due to the high concentration of iron in the oceans of early Earth.

7. For about the first 600 billion years, comets andasteroids (300 miles across) pounded our planet- a time known as the"heavy bombardment." Their impacts vaporized earth's oceans and melted its crust

The heavy bombardment is a period where smaller asteroidsand planets that failed to form collided with bigger celestial bodies thatscarred the surfaces. The Earth may show less scars but Mercury, Venus, Marsand the moon show evidence that there was an increase in collisions.

8. Hydrogen sulfide can be extremely poisonous so the scientists wear gas masks inside the cave.

Hydrogen sulfide when combined with moisture and humiditycan form sulfuric acid. When breathed in, it can damage the lining of yourlungs. Wearing gas masks filters the hydrogen sulfide, but in highconcentrations, it can still penetrate through the mask.

9. Can any other forms of life survive in the deep recessesof a cave so toxic to humans? Yes.

Microbes dwell in places like these. Bacteria and arcaheadwell in these caves despite the extreme environment. They use the gasses likesulfide and carbon monoxide as sources of energy.

10. Snottites acidity (ph) is that of battery acid.

Snottite are also known as snoticles. They are similar to stalactites,but they have a mucus-like consistency. They hang from the walls and ceilingsof caves. They are made up of extremophelic bacteria that form a microbial mat.They have a pH of 0-2.

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d. It lets the reader know the tone may not be very serious.

giggle implies its gonna be funny :)

D. Mucus is a friend to human bodies

Hope this helps.

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I believe the ansswer is D

I really hope you get it right if not D then A but first go with D.

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