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Change the voice 1) He wanted people to respect him​

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Active / Passive Voice Form

In an active sentence, the subject is before the predicate (verb and object).

e.g. Global warming, deforestation, and pollutiondestroy the earth’s natural resources.

            (Subject)                                              (Verb)                   (Object)

In a passive sentence, the subject of the sentence is placed after the verb in the object position.

e.g. The earth’s natural resources are destroyedby global warming, deforestation, and pollution. 

(Object in subject position)               (Verb)                              (Subject in object position)

The passive voice is formed using the verb “to be” + the past participle. 

Examples of the VERB “TO BE”: am, is, are, was, were, been, being

Examples of the PAST PARTICIPLE: seen, gotten, lived, worked, bought, taught, loved, caught, ect..     



She was being watched by the police.


The house is being taken care of by the neighbors.


A bomb was detonated in the hotel lobby.


The project will be completed before Saturday.




The police were watching her.


The neighbors are taking care of the house.


Someone detonated a bomb in the hotel lobby.


Someone will complete the project before Saturday.


Sometimes the subject disappears completely in the passive voice:

                Pride and Prejudice was written in 1813.  (Writer of the book is absent)

Sometimes the subject remains, after the preposition “by”

He want to be respected.

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