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Andrej Andrej Feb 4, 2021

Also possess a simple respiratory system, with the moscommon form being allis and trachea,A Habitatd.Vertebratesb.invertebrates: C. Non-Living​

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Respiratory structures are tailored to the need for oxygen. Minute life-forms, such as protozoans, exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide across their entire surfaces. Multicellular organisms, in which diffusion distances are longer, generally resort to other strategies. Aquatic worms, for example, lengthen and flatten their bodies to refresh the external medium at their surfaces. Sessile sponges rely on the ebb and flow of ambient water. By contrast, the jellyfish, which can be quite large, has a low oxygen need because its content of organic matter is less than 1 percent and its metabolizing cells are located just beneath the surface, so that diffusing distances are small.

Malkree Malkree
Feb 4, 2021
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