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write a informal letter to your friend megha has migrated to Delhi write a letter to her expressing your concer and advising her to say focused in the on coming board exams​

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100, Kanthmal,


New Delhi.


Dear Megha,

It's a pleasure to write you. I wish you are happy and healthy. I received your letter, stop being so worried. We both acknowledge the fact that the board exams are very near, I wanted to discuss some thoughts of mine in oder to help you. Firstly, you must set a target for yourself. This has always beneficial for me. Next thing is to challenge yourself in order to be self-motivated. Third thing is to eat and sleep very well. Other than this, start your revision of the course that has been completed till now. You must also buy a model test book to chech your progress. Solving each a day will make you well versed in regards with the alloted timeline and answering capability. These steps have all helped me. In the final lines, I would say that time management is the key, utilize it the best way.

Overall, do not fear for the upcoming exams. If you need more help, I am there for you.

I hope you were assisted. Work hard brother and keep writing.

Your loving friend,


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