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AYUDA PORFAperfect write the correct answer1.david______ _______ all the morning.(run)2.i ______ ______ on the bed(jump)3.carlos y pedro _______ _______all the afternoon(play)4.he _____ ______ his car for ten hours(drive)5.she _____ ______ chicken for the dinner(cook)do 5 sentences with the next verbstalkdreamteachwritewatch

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1.david had run all the morning.(run)

2.i had jumped on the bed(jump)

3.carlos y pedro had played all the afternoon(play)

4.he had driven is car for ten hours(drive)

5.she had cooked chicken for the dinner(cook)

do 5 sentences with the next verbs

  • i had listened music in my bedroom.
  • i had done my homework.
  • she had cleaned the kitchen,
  • he had danced salsa .
  • they had spoken english .
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