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Griffin Griffin Jan 8, 2021

My new year resolution paragraph in 200 words​

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In January, people often make New Year's resolutions. People promise themselves that during the coming year they will change their lives for the better. I sometimes make resolutions for the New Year. This year (2021), I plan to run faster and be more aggressive during soccer games. That way I can often get the ball easily. I also plan to be more accurate in shooting the basketball.

The way I am going to accomplish the first resolution is to run around the field three times, twice a day. That way, I can warm up my legs and get them out of a stiff feeling. After that, I will take five cones and put them two feet apart. To be able to dribble past the defense, I would need to maintain my control over the ball. Otherwise, I would lose my chance of scoring a goal. To do this, I would need to weave through the cones to the end, and then come back. If I accomplish this resolution, I guarantee myself that I will become a better soccer player.

I want to achieve the second resolution, because whenever I go up to shoot a basket, I have a high chance of missing. I want to have a high chance of getting an accurate shot. That way, the chances of missing the shot decrease. To do this, I will need to do shooting drills every time I had am free. After lots of practice, I am sure I will master this skill.

If I accomplish all my resolutions, I will perform a lot better in college. When I participate in the sports activities, the kids are very aggressive and wild. Therefore, I need to practice at a young age so I can perform a lot better as I get older. If I do not practice now, I will lose confidence with participating in certain activities.

Dur Dur
Jan 8, 2021
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