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Eike Eike Dec 26, 2020

If lemon were bought at rs 48per dozen and sold at rs 48per 10 then find the fain or loss percent​

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I have 2 answers

1st). CP of 12 lemons=48 rupees

So, CP of 1 lemon=48/12 rupees

=4 rupees

Now, SP 10 lemons=40 rupees

So, SP of 1 lemon=40/10 rupees

=4 rupees

As the CP and SP of 1 lemon is equal so there is no loss or gain.

2nd).Let one dozen lemon =12.

Lemon one dozen bought =Rs. 48

Therefore; one Lemon cost = 48/12=Rs.4.

Lemon sold 10 =Rs. 40

S. Pof 1 Lemon =40/10

=Rs. 4

Therefore; S.P.=C.P.

Therefore; No loss Or No profit .

I hope this answer help you...….

San Mateo San Mateo
Dec 26, 2020
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