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Problemas para contestar, no es traducirlos, no es copiar y pegar, es contestarlos, doy poco puntos por los que solo cazan, doy corazones y corona al que conteste bien.Report al que conteste mal.A.- Complete the sentences. Use the words in parentheses and be going to.1. What are you going to (you) give Michelle for her birthday?2. When _______________ (they) buy a new car?3. Today, _______________ (Chad) clean the house.4. In the future, _______________ (I) buy my own house.5. _______________ (you) speak English fluently.C.- Write negative statements with be going to. Use the cues.1. Ahmed / arrive / tonight Ahmed is not going to arrive tonight.2. The students / study / in the library _______________.3. Jana / buy / a smartphone _______________.4. My cousin / visit / next year _______________.5. Kris / cook / fish for dinner _______________.D.- Complete the conversation with be going to and the pronoun in parentheses.A: What are you going to (you) study?B: English. _______________ (I) speak English fluently.A: How _______________ (you) do that?B: _______________ (I) study a lot. _______________ (I) join conversation groups with English speakers. And _______________ (I) try to study in an English-speaking country.E.- Complete the questions. Use the words in parentheses and be going to.1. Are you going to visit (you / visit) your sister this weekend?2. When _______________ (Hiro / clean) the apartment?3. Where _______________ (you / study) English?4. How _______________ (he / get) to San Francisco?5. Why _______________ (they / wait) for him?

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hazlo tu pe no jodes pe ya

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