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Atomic number describes the number of Group of answer choices neutrons electrons protons

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the first one x+3 is the right answer

The correct option is;

The price of a pizza and the number of toppings added

A positive correlation is one in which the variables being correlated, progress in the same direction, such that an increase in one variable will lead o an increase in the other variable;

The price of a pizza  depends on the size of the pizza and the price increases for each additional topping added, such that the price of the pizza will increase as the number of toppings is increased

The variable, the height of the candle and the variable, the length of time it stays on, are positively correlated because, the two variables depends on each other whereby the time it takes to completely burn a candle increases as the length of the candle increases, however, the candle can be put out depending on usage, even if it can stay lit for a longer period of time.

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