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Brian Brian Dec 25, 2020

A room is 15 m long and 8m wide . It's floor is to be covered with rectangular tiles each measuring 20cm by 8cm . Find how many tiles will be required .​

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ANSWER EXPLANATION: There are two ways to solve this question. The faster way is to multiply each side of the given equation by ax−2 (so you can get rid of the fraction). When you multiply each side by ax−2, you should have:


You should then multiply (−8x−3) and (ax−2) using FOIL.


Then, reduce on the right side of the equation


Since the coefficients of the x2-term have to be equal on both sides of the equation, −8a=24, or a=−3.

The other option which is longer and more tedious is to attempt to plug in all of the answer choices for a and see which answer choice makes both sides of the equation equal. Again, this is the longer option, and

16 tiles required

Sokolov Sokolov
Dec 25, 2020
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