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I. Fill in the blanks1. A physical change is generally2. Souring of milk is a change3. Melting of wax is a change4. Burning of wax is a change5. Grinding of wheat grain changes its size. It is a change6. Acids turn blue Litmus into7. acid is present in lemon8. The acidic or basic nature of a substance is tested by using a natural indicator10. When an acidic solution is mixed with a basic solution theywater.11. Time between one sunrise and the next Sunrise was called a12. A is one billionth of a secondcach Other forming13. The basic unit of time is a14. The distance moved by an object in a unit time is called a15. meter measures the distance moved by the vehicle​

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1. Reversible

2. chemical change

3. physical change

4.chemical change

5.physical change

6.Red colour

7.citric acid

8. litmus paper

9. turmaric

10.neutralize each other forming salt and water.

11. A day

12. A femtosecond is the SI unit of time equal to 10-15 or 1⁄1 000 000 000 000 000 of a second; that is, one quadrillionth, or one millionth of one billionth, of a second. ... The word femtosecond is formed by the SI prefix femto and the SI unit second. Its symbol is fs



15.An odometer or odograph is an instrument used for measuring the distance traveled by a vehicle, such as a bicycle or car.

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Dec 17, 2020
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