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MichaelJe MichaelJe Dec 12, 2020

7. as thespace flies . give answer ​

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Here's another question: How are middle school students like astronauts? Thanks to NASA, they can both use fruit flies to learn more about the immune system.

On the next space shuttle flight, NASA will be including a Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) research payload. The experiment will use flies to study how the conditions in orbit affect their immune systems. Scientists hope that observing the changes in the flies' immune systems will help NASA better understand how spaceflight affects humans, as well.

But scientists aren’t the only ones who can use flies to learn about the immune system. NASA's "Flies in Space" Web site lets students learn more about fruit flies, the fly immune system and its similarity to the human system, space biology at NASA and the scientific method. The site also features a section for educators, with hands-on activities related to the fruit fly experiment. In addition, the educator section includes information about how the activities on the site are aligned with national standards and a worksheet that students can complete as they explore the site.

Palumbo Palumbo
Dec 12, 2020
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