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E. Give long answers for the following questions.1. List the conquests of Samudragupta as mentioned in the Allahabad Pillar Inscription.2. How do we know that Harsha was a patron of arts and learning?3. Who was Hiuen Tsang? What does he tell us about the life of the people?4. What were the new developments in administration during this period? Discuss the meritsand demerits of each.please answer these full questions.​

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Samudragupta is known for his military conquests and victories. He had to wage many wars in order to establish a vast empire. He followed a policy of expansion and aggression.

The Allahabad pillar inscription is a reliable source to know about Samudragupta’s conquests and great qualities. The composer of this inscription was Harisena, the court poet, scholar and commander in chief of the army of Samudragupta. The conquests of Samudragupta may be divided into four groups.

Harsha, also spelled Harṣa, also called Harshavardhana, (born c. 590 CE—died c. 647), ruler of a large empire in northern India from 606 to 647 CE. He was a Buddhist convert in a Hindu era. His reign seemed to mark a transition from the ancient to the medieval period, when decentralized regional empires continually struggled for hegemony.

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Feb 4, 2021
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