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Story " A Modern Love Letter" How does the author of " A Modern Love Letter" create surprise? Cite examples of how the author's choices in structuring the passage and the use of foreshadowing develop the element of surprise. Your response should be at least two complete paragraphs. Will Mark Brainliest. ( Can someone look over what is written down in the picture please and rewrite and reword it into their own words and make it sound extremely good like it's never been written before please and thank you . ​

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The author makes sudden actions of Bella that would create surprise and also be at suspense for the reader at the same time. The way people call Bella in a letter surprises her because it makes her special to someone. “I bend to retrieve it, surprised to see “My Bella” scrawled ornately across the front.” The author foreshadows to create a flashback of what happened earlier in the short story.

When the author states in the story “I look past him, but Abuela gasps and exclaims, “Alejandro, after all these years!” the author creates surprise and a feeling of the story's climax. When the author uses foreshadowing he makes the main character show emotion and express herself throughout the short story. Small actions like when Bella recognized who is writing to, make her think or foreshadow the past and then she gets surprised as she notices who is likely writing to her.


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