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The mass of sample X is 20.Og. It was placed in a graduated cylinder and the water level rose from A (14 mL) to B (19 mL). What is the density of sample X? Pay close attention to significant figures. g/mL​

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The density of sample X is 4 g/ml.

The given parameters;

  • <em>Mass of sample X = 20 g</em>
  • <em>Initial volume of water before the sample was placed = 14 ml</em>
  • <em>Final  volume of water after the sample was placed = 19 ml</em>

The volume of the sample X is the increase in the volume of water after it was placed in the cylinder.

  • Volume of sample X = 19 ml - 14 ml = 5 ml
  • Mass of sample of X = 20 g

The density is obtained by dividing the mass of sample X by its volume as shown below;

Density = \frac{mass}{volume} = \frac{20}{5} = 4 \ g/ml

Thus, the density of sample X is 4 g/ml.

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