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3x2-6011 (ANY TWO)(B)(i) What other interests, besides Science, did Richard Ebrightpursue? What opinion did Mr. Weiherer, his social studies teacher,have about Ebright?(ii) Anil's large-heartedness transforms Hari Singh completely.Comment(iii) Why could Mrs. Forestier not recognize her friend Matilda at theend of the story?‚Äč

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These are just key points, you need to elaborate on them.

I) Besides science, an avid reader, debtor, public speaker, interest in astronomy. Me. Weiner taught of him as a bright student and encouraged him on.

ii) Because Anil trusted Hari Singh completely. Took him home and taught him how to cook. Help him made little money by buying groceries. Was ready to help him learn and study. And even at the end of the story when Anil hives him money, Hari Singh knows that Anil knows about his theft but does not confront Hari Singh.

iii)You need to give all the physical changes in Matilda's attitude and dressing. Like her hair greyed, her dress was not clean, she looked tired and worn down, etc.

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Dec 24, 2020
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