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What was Olivia's reaction to the Duke's love in the book Twelfth Night.And what was the Duke's Mood after that? (Happy, sad mad) What was Olivia's... |

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Initially, Olivia was refusing to see any visitors at all, including the Duke.  Violet had originally wanted to serve at Olivia's house, but when she found out that Olivia would not see anyone, she got the idea to dress as a boy (Cesario) and try to serve in the Duke's household. 

She starts serving in the Duke's household and the Duke, seeing how handsome she is (as feminine features in men were prized at the time), decides to send Cesario/Violet to see Olivia to plead his case.  Of course, it doesn't work, Olivia starts to fall in love with Cesario/Violet instead of the Duke.  So Olivia's reaction could be described as completely disinterested in the Duke and ridiculously infatuated with Cesario/Violet.

The Duke's feelings with the first few back and forths with these love notes can be described as undeterred by Olivia's disinterest.  But in Shakespeare's works, it is often the case that men think they are sick with love for the sake of being sick with love (such as Romeo with Rosalind in Romeo & Juliet) and fickle about this love until they truly fall in love.  In this case, the Duke will doggedly pursue Olivia and claim to be sick with love until he is genuinely in love, which would be with Violet (who is in love with the Duke all along). 

As this is one of Shakespeare's comedies, the natural conclusion would be that the Duke and Violet marrying and living happily ever after.

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