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What was Mr. Henson's real reason for calling on father? |

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Do you mean Mr. Heron?  Mr. Heron arrives at the tavern to order a keg of rum.  However, he is really there to inquire about having Tim run an errand.  Tim jumps at the chance to participate in what her perceives to be an "adventure," however, Father (Mr. Meeker) refuses to let Tim be involved.  After Mr. Heron leaves, Mr. Meeker explains to Tim that he does not believe that Mr. Heron is asking Tim to deliver "business letters" as he claims.  Mr. Meeker fears that the task is war-related, and he questions Mr. Heron's claims of being a Loyalist.  Mr. Meeker is upset that he already has one son (Sam) participating in the war, and he does not want to have another.

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