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Write About the westernisation and tradition of japan in clss 11 history book​

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Question 1:What were the major developments before the Meiji restoration that made it possible for Japan to modernise rapidly?ANSWER:

Japan till early 16th century faced severe administrative crisis. The real authority had passed into the hands of the Shogun. Daimyos or provincial lords lived in the capital of Edo, ignoring their responsibility of the domains. Moreover, there was increasing power of the Samurais, the elite warrior class. However, it was only in the 16th century, that few changes in the administrative structure were made. These helped to lay the foundation of future developments for Japan. These changes have been drafted below:

1) To reduce the chances of rebellions and protests, the peasantry was disarmed and only the Samurai was allowed to carry swords.2) For better administration of the domains, the Daimyos were ordered to live in their respective domain's capitals.3) To ensure a stable revenue base, proper land surveys were conducted

The above mentioned changes were able to bring forth several positive impacts for Japan. These in turn later facilitated the process of Japan’s modernisation in the following manner.

1) As the Daimyos took charge of their respective capitals, these grew and developed as the centres of commercial economy.2) Efforts were made to reduce import by establishing silk industries.3) With economic expansion, cultural changes also became distinct. Merchants patronised theatre and arts. Reading also became highly popular.

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