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Liliya Liliya Dec 9, 2020

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words that combine to make each of them

* stepmother * footprint * snowwhite

* springtime * gentle-hearted * anywhere

Now write other meaningful words that begin/end with –

* the first word in each * the second word in each.

Answer the following questions.

1) Why did Marouckla's stepmother hate her ?

2) In what season does the story take place ?

3) Does Marouckla get any of the things she brings ?

4) Why do Holena and her mother go out in the snow themselves ?

5) Why is Great January annoyed with Holena and her mother ?

Does he help them?

escribe the following with the help of the story.

thanks my answer.........

Brodbeck Sven Brodbeck Sven
Dec 9, 2020
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