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Jonas had a number of calculators that he got from a developing agency. he gave 2 third of those calculators to his school and gave one third of the remaining to a girl's club nearby .Jonas sold the remaining calculators at 85 dollars each.the remaining amount from the sales was 6800.

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5 cents

What fraction of the total number of calculators did Jonas give to the girls club?

1-2/3=1/3 which is remaining fraction

1/3×1/3 = 1/9 which is a third of the remaining

He gave 1/9 of the calculators to the girls club.

Take note of "one-third of the remainder" in the second sentence. After giving two- third to school, only one-third is remaining. He now gave one-third of this remaining one-third to girls club. This means Jonas gave 1/3 of 1/3 = 1/9 to girls club. Also, you should always present you conclusion in words for a word problem.

How many calculators did Jonas sell?

6800/85 = 80 calculators were sold.

How many calculators did Jonas get from the development agency?

Fraction sold is 1 - (2/3 1/9) = 2/9

2/9x = 80

x = 360

He sold 360 calculators.

Always conclude you're your answers in words whenever you have solved a word problem. Some of you used the letter x but did not say what that letter stood for. When you use a letter to represent something, always define what that letter stands for.

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