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Lillie Griffith Lillie Griffith May 21, 2022

on his way to class, a student on a skateboard is accelerating on a downhill stretch. which of the following statements is true? (select all that apply.)

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The statements that applies are:

  • The skateboarder is moving in the direction of the net force
  • He is subjected to a net external force in the direction of motion
  • His acceleration is in the direction of the net force

The net force is simply known as a collection (combination) of force of all self (individual) forces acting on an object. When net force is zero, the acceleration a must also be zero

A skateboarder is someone who drives a skateboard and the net force pushing him is a combination of forces causing his acceleration and it is towards the direction or way that the force is going to

Conclusively we can therefore say that skateboarder is moving in the direction of the net force because he is acting on it.

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Bryan Bush Bryan Bush
May 21, 2022
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