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What was George's reaction when he found out about Curley's wife being dead? from chapter 5 |

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The totally sad and sorrowful thing about the tragedy with Lennie Small and Curly's wife in the novel 'Of Mice and Men' by John Steinbeck is that for once, Lennie was a 'good boy' in doing what he was told! George's earlier scheming and rehearsing with Lennie about what to do and where to go if there was any more 'trouble' worked like a dream. Lennie obediently followed George's advice as he was asked to do, and so George knew exactly where to find him in their 'safe place.' Lennie's learning challenges made him unpredictable, difficult and obstreporous sometimes which made him disobedient - and as passive as a lamb at other times. Sadly, When George sprung into action and went on ahead to find Lennie after the killing, he must have been hoping this was one of Lennie's obedient moments.

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