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(D) Social Media60. Increasing short term sales, getting retailers to carry new products and advertise more, reinforce brandposition areof Sales promotion.(A) Tools(B) Developing programs(C) Rapid growth(D) Overviews​

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lodging were traveling expelled Distributors ( amounts. To his shock & surprise, dealers told him that salesmen were sending excessive material which was not ordered by dealers Mr. Khanna found that the sales-men usually did so in the month-end to meet targets. Because of this reason, the dealers decided not to pay in time. In fact, M/s Rajesh Machines, a dealer in Chandigarh told Mr. Khanna: "We should get Rs. 5000.00 per month from the company as you are using our space as




To check further why profits were declining, Mr. Khanna tried to find out average price realized for various products by the company. He found that average sale price has decreased for all the products. Many times, sales-men were selling products at very high discount to dealers. When inquired many sales-men replied that they got verbal permission from the Assistant Marketing Manger Mr. Rahul Jalan. Mr. Jalan said he never gave such verbal permissions. Mr. Khanna now sincerely believed that the sales-men were conveniently relying on price reduction and excess dumping of material with dealers. They did not put any efforts in marketing.

Mr. Khanna believed that competition in the industry has increased. Many multi-national companies are now operational. To his surprise, not a single sales-man has so far reported about this. There are no reports about activities of competitors, their pricing, their product features, their marketing schemes, appointment of new dealers etc. Not even as an excuse, such information was sent by sales-men. For example, the company has not appointed a single new dealer in last 3 years.

Mr. Khanna was the Marketing Manager but his friend Ajay Mehta was a CA. Ajay has worked almost for 15 years in internal audit department. He offered that it was possibie to develop a good control system to ensure better result from sales team

1. Do you see any problem with planning function with the company? If yes, give your suggestions to

overcome these problems.

2. Identify various control areas as per objectives set in planning. 3. Suggest procedure guidelines for various activities of Marketing Department. If possible, suggest

formats of various reports & documents.

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Jan 30, 2021
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