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Hood Hood Aug 31, 2021

Draw a postcard. Write a short message wishing your teachers on the occasion of "Teachers Day" in a few words. Also, write in postcard format

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Our teachers guide us and play a very crucial role in not only our academic development but our overall development. You'd agree when we say that for a growing child, the teacher's word is the final word, which makes it all the more important for her to know what she means to you.

Teacher's day is the perfect day to express how you feel for your teacher. And nothing can be better than a hand made card with heartfelt personalised words. If you need some help to create something, we are here to help:

1) The Ruler card

One thing that you'd definitely find in a school bag would be a ruler. Fold an A4 size paper into two, and paste a small scale on top of it. Write on Top of it, Maám, you RULE! Inside the card, you can write 4-5 lines of the time when your teacher touched your life but you could not express to her how much it meant to you.

2) Shading card

Take A4 size card paper in two colours. Fold them into half and paste the lighter colour on top of the darker one. With scissors make a zig zag pattern on the sides and make a border using a black marker.Now write Thank You on the card and decorate it with ribbons and buttons. Inside the card, write your personalised note for the teacher.

3) Hand print card

In different coloured chart papers, make an outline of your small tiny hands. Cut the traced hand outline in 4-5 different colours and then paste it on an A4 sized card paper. Place it in a creative manner, next to each other and write in a small bubble, I KNOW I AM A HANDFUL BUT YOU ARE THE BEST

4) Heart card

Take an A4 size sheet and fold it into half. On one half draw a big heart that almost covers the page. Now cut it out from the middle so only the sides of the heart remains. In another paper, add glue and stick small sized sticky notes on it randomly. Once done, place the heart outline on top of it and the card is ready. Write your message and make it special.

Kathrigas Kathrigas
Aug 31, 2021
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