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Gravational force on the surface of the moon is only 1/6as strong as gravitational force on the earth. what is the weight in newtons of a 10kg Object on the moon and on the earth?please don't spam ​

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I think this is the answer

Weight = mass of object × acceleration due to gravity

W = m × g

For earth g = 9.8 m/s^2

For moon gravity is about 1/6 part of what we have on earth so g for moon is about = 9.8/6 that is about 1.63 m/s^2

So weight of the object on earth:

W = 10 × 9.8 = 98 Newton

And weight of that object on moon:

W = 10 × 1.63 = 16.3 Newton

Lori Jones
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