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Please answer ASAPPia printed two maps of a walking trail. The length of the trail on the first map is 10 cm. The length of the trail on the second map is 8 cm. Question 1: 1 cm on the first map represents four kilometers on the actual Trail. What is the scale factor from the map to the actual Trail? What is the length of the actual Trail? Show your work.Question 2: The Landmark on the first map is a triangle with side lengths of 4 mm, 5 mm, and 6 mm. What is the scale factor from the first map to the second map? What are the side lengths of the landmark on the second map? Show your work.

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4 units by 4 units

at the first michael has to draw a rectangle around parallelogram abcd. so to form right angled triangles the rectangle must be drawn touching the, should possibly be with dimensions 4 units by 4 units as the rectangle touching the parallelogram

(-8,4) are the coordinates of a

let the side of square abcd is x .

thus the area of square abcd is .

now, by the diagram area of triangle ead= 1/2 × ea × ad = 1/2 × ea × x

( because ad is the side of square)

and, according to the question,

the areas of square abcd and right ead are equal.


thus, ea: ab=2: 1

therefore, point a divides line segment eb into the ratio 2: 1.

⇒ by sectional formula coordinates of a are,



=(-8, 4)

thus the coordinates of a are (-8,4)

the answer would be c

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