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How was poetry a part of daily life in keian-kyo?​

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~!+~!+~!+!+~!+~!+~!+~+!+~+!+~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+~!+~+!+~+!~+!+~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+~!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~Hello! If this answer doesn’t fulfill all of your questions, or it doesn’t have the exact information you are looking for, I apologize. But, I will try to help you to my best ability! <3Writing in Daily Life Poetry was part of daily life in Heian-kyo. People were expected to compose poetry in public. Men and women carefully created poems to charm each other. When someone received a poem from a friend, family member, or acquaintance, he or she was expected to write one in response.Again, hope this helps! Good luck! :D~!+~!+~!+!+~!+~!+~!+~+!+~+!+~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+~!+~+!+~+!~+!+~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+~!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~+!~Ithink the answer is b

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