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Healing and stabilizes many body functions. In short, it acts as a power drug with no side effects Researchers state thattheir disabilities is in bad taste and is to avoided. Secondly, laughing with food in the mouth is dangerous as the foorEat By way, is a serious business to be trilled with by any jocular diversion, Laughter comes best when it is freeencumbrances, whether it is constricting food or the need to humor the bosspelven belowMech before medical science discovered at Reader's Digest came out withMedicine Newspaper and magazines which regularly run hotel columns are, therefore doingCrafters nedod hea Reading nechtartides whether they be satirical comic nor just humorous relievework-a-day world. Some peces mpy eventickle one's mattersya uld that you laugh farten minutes you war beth a better bestion to put up with pain for two hours, according tousnesaithers, taughter is a good antidote to stress that tones up the system facradlaugh muscles instruct the brave"feel goed regardless of how you feelAccording to a French doctor, laughter deepness breathing improves blood circulation speeds up the process of theacester stimulates practuction of beta endorphins natural pain kifers in the body and improves digestion thoselaugh are less prone to digestive disorders and ulcers.Sans people in French nave madeira career you can hire a vovians who cracks jokes and laughs and promises tehalte vou assolve worries in helpless authier A word of caution. Although laughing is a good expense, particularlystuff can get into the wird pipe and may choke thee digestive systemQuestionsYes which articles remove boredom?How can laughter relive us of tension?Who is a jovialist and how can he help?10 diventankes ven laughing should be avoided.(e)find ward from the passage withch means the same as iranical(f)to block up (g)give the antonym of healing (h)the word stimulates means​

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Coniferous trees have thick bark to protect against the cold. They are cone-shaped, with flexible branches which help them to cope with heavy snow fall. Pine cones protect the seeds during the harsh winter. The thin waxy needles reduce water loss.

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