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A new shopping mall is built on the children’s playground. Writea dialogue between two friends discussing to the construction activity in your neighbourhood that is illegally encroaching on thechildren’s playground.Note:I will mark brainliest to the best ansDon't spam​

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Answer: Friend A: Hey, do you know we are going to lose our playground?

Friend B: Oh, really!

Friend A: Yes, a company is going to construct a shopping mall on it.

Friend B: That is really a sad and bad news. Where shall we play?

Friend A: I have come to know that it is an illegal construction. The corrupt officials have made a deal with some rich man.

Friend B: This is really upsetting. It will not only deprive children of play space, but will also cause pollution.

Friend: I think we should talk to our parents and raise the issue with the Government authorities.

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