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pure pure Dec 20, 2020

winston is one of the most laid-back people i know he is tall and slim with black hair and he always wears a t-shirt and black jeans his jeans have holes in them and his baseball boots are scruffy too he usually sits at the back of the class and he often seems to be asleep however when the exam results are given out he always gets an "A" i don't think hes as lazy as he appears to be​

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Biodiversity generally refers to diversity or variability of living organisms present on this planet earth and other species which have driven to extinction millions of years ago. The term Biodiversity is also eferred to as the Biological diversity hich mainly denotes the total umber of different living species, ving within a particular region cluding the microbes, plants, animals, and ecosystems such as coral reefs, forests, rainforests, deserts etc. Therefore, in biodiversity, every single living species has an equally important role in the ecosystem. The term biodiversity was coined by Walter G. Rosen in the year 1986.

Ganka Ganka
Dec 20, 2020
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