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Х0Ted is not particularly creative. He uses the pickup line "If I couldrearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together." The random variable xis the number of women Ted approaches before encountering one whoreacts positively. Determine whether a probability distribution is given. Ifa probability distribution is given, find its mean and standard deviation. Ifa probability distribution is not given, identify the requirements that arenot satisfiedP(x)0.0010.0070.0271230.065Does the table show a probability distribution? Select all that apply

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It is not  a probability  distribution as some data is missing.

It is not  a probability  distribution as some data is missing.

Since it  is discrete and,

P(X = x)

= (0.001 + 0.007 + 0.033 + 0.059)

= 0.1 ≠ 1

and we know that for

to be classified as a discrete probability function,

1. 0 ≤ P(X = x) ≤ 1  and   ∀ x ∈ R and

2. P(X = x) = 1

where M is  the support of X or the set of points where P(X = x) > 0

must hold.

Jackie Moore
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