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Transfarme the following sentence given in the bracket( a ) a lie has no legs ( affirmative )( b ) there is no smoke without fire ( affirmative )( c ) I wish that I were a bird ( exclamatory )( d ) December is the coldest month in india ( negative )( e ) what a nice book it is ( affirmative )​

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b) Aishwarya looks very beautiful. (Exclamatory sentence)

Ans:- How beautiful aishwarya looks !

C) I visited New Delhi last year. (Negative sentence)

Ans:- I did not visit new delhi last year .

d) Everest was formed about 60 million years ago. Wh-question)

Ans :- was Everest formed about 60 million years ago ?

e) Sourav doesn't play football. (Yes/No question)

Ans:- Does sourav play football or not ?

f) Trees do not produce food to feed themselves.

(Affirmative sentence)

Ans:- Trees should produce food to feed themselves .

g) Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. (Add a question tag)

Ans:- Is kathmandu the capital of Nepal ?

h) Help me with my homework. (Request)

Ans:- Please , help me with my homework.

i. Exercise for one hour every day. (Advice)

Ans:- you Must exercise for one hour daily.

j. This is not the correct answer. (Affirmative sentence)

Ans:- This is the correct answer .

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