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Make a collage of rain forest, grasslands and coniferous forests. ​

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Tropical Evergreen Forests: These forests are also called tropical rain forests. These thick forests occur in the region near the equator and close to the tropics. Trees like Rosewood, Ebony, and Mahogany are found here.

Tropical Deciduous Forests: Tropical deciduous forests are the monsoon forests found in the large part of India, northern Australia and in Central America. These regions experience seasonal changes. Examples of trees found in these forests are teak, neem, and shisham.

Temperate Evergreen Forests: The temperate evergreen forests are located in the mid-latitudinal coastal region.They are commonly found along the eastern margin of the continents. Trees like oak and pine grow here. 

Temperate Deciduous Forests: As we go towards higher latitudes, there are more temperate deciduous forests. These are found in the northeastern part of the USA, China, Newzealand, Chile and also found in coastal regions of Western Europe. They shed their leaves in the dry season. Examples of trees found here are oak, ash, and beech. Grasslands: These occur on either side of the equator and extend till the tropics. This vegetation grows in the areas of moderate to a low amount of rainfall.

Coniferous Forest: In the higher latitudes(50 0 -70 0 ) of North ernhemisphere  the spectacular Coniferous forests are found. These are also called as Taiga. These forests are also seen in the higher altitudes. Chir, pine, and cedar are important varieties of trees found here.

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