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Roza Roza Jan 22, 2021

The quantity has a value of -10m/sec. it may be the(a) displacement of particle(b) velocity of particle (c) position of particle(d) speed of particle​

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The given quantity is -10 m/s.

The unit is metre/sec which means length is divided by time which results in this quantity. This can be either velocity or speed. Now, we can see them both in the options.

  • Velocity is a vector quantity which is expressed by both direction and magnitude. It can positive, negative or zero.
  • Speed is a scalar quantity which is expressed by magnitude only. It can be positive only for a moving body

The quantity represented by the value -10 m/s is the velocity of particle i.e. Option B.

Rest options:-
  • Displacement has a unit of m. (A/q)
  • Position can't be negative (distance travelled is the actual length covered).
  • Speed can't be negative.
Nikifor Nikifor
Jan 22, 2021
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