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Dec 17, 2020

2. How can we apply science to the Questof food preparation?​

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Doing anything with food is a science because when you prep and cook food, you are changing it at a molecular level and if you do it wrong, you could give yourself food poisoning. Or a really bad belly!

And doing the same thing to different foods will ultimately produce different results. Science tells us we should boil eggs to make them hard, but if we boil potatoes, they will go soft.

Science tells us that if we cream butter and sugar together for 30 minutes, we will have a light fluffy mix to add flour to which will then be ideal to make piped shortbread, but if we cream butter, sugar, and flour together for 30 minutes, we will end up with a gloopy mixture that we would have to cut with a pair of scissors because the gluten in the flour has been worked too much and has almost turned into some kind of glue!

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Clarence Johnson Clarence Johnson
Dec 17, 2020
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