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Grade 9 Science Help. 1. Two identical objects are both charged positively, but one object has twice as much positive charge as the other object. What... |

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You are absolutely correct, two like charges will repel each other.  But you also have to take into account that one charge is twice the other, so they will not repel each other equally.  Think about it like this:  two guys, about the same size and same strength, push against each other while they are in two roller chairs.   All things being equal, they should roll apart from each other about the same distance.  Then, replace one of those guys with a larger guy, who is bigger and stronger.  When the two fellows push against each other, the bigger heavier one will move a little, while the smaller one will travel farther.  The same will occur with a difference like you have described with charges.

I live in Mississippi, which is renown for it's humid summers.  We can get the balloons to stick to the walls down here, but only in air-conditioned rooms that help take a bite out of the humidity!   Humidity will definitely lessen your ability to get the balloon to soak up electrons and thus stick to the wall because of a difference in static charge.  This experiment works better on a cooler day, when the air is dry, not moist due to humidity problems.

Be nice to that new teacher.  I was "new", 31 years ago, and the memory of how long that year was still sticks in my mind!

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