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A) To make a saturated solution, 20g of sodiumchloride is dissolved in 80 g of water at 293 K. Find its concentration at this temperature.b) Name the technique to separate(i) butter from curd ii) kerosene from water​

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Read the following the passage and answer the questions that follow:

led the first expedition to sail around the world. As a young Portuguese noble, he served the king

of Portugal, but he became involved in the quagmire of political intrigue at court and lost the

king's favor. After he was dismissed from service to the king of Portugal, he offered to serve the

future Emperor Charles V of Spain.

A papal decree of 1493 had assigned all land in the New World west of 50 degrees W longitude

to Spain and all the land east of that line to Portugal. Magellan offered to prove that the East

Indies fell under Spanish authority. On September 20, 1519, Magellan set sail from Spain with

five ships. More than a year later, one of these ships was exploring the topography of South

America in search of a water route across the continent. This ship sank, but the remaining four

ships searched along the southern peninsula of South America. Finally they found the passage

they sought near a latitude of 50 degrees S. Magellan named this passage the Strait of All Saints,

but today we know it as the Strait of Magellan.

One ship deserted while in this passage and returned to Spain, so fewer sailors were privileged to

gaze at that first panorama of the Pacific Ocean. Those who remained crossed the meridian we

now call the International Date Line in the early spring of 1521 after ninety-eight days on the

Pacific Ocean. During those long days at sea, many of Magellan's men died of starvation and


Later Magellan became involved in an insular conflict in the Philippines and was killed in a

tribal battle. Only one ship and seventeen sailors under the command of the Basque navigator

Elcano survived to complete the westward journey to Spain and thus prove once and for all that

the world is round, with no precipice at the edge.

6. The sixteenth century was an age of great ___exploration.

A. cosmic

B. land

C. mental

D. common man

E. none of the above

7. Magellan lost the favor of the king of Portugal when he became involved in a political ___.

A. entanglement

B. discussion

C. negotiation

D. problems

E. none of the above

8. The Pope divided New World lands between Spain and Portugal according to their location on

one side or the other of an imaginary geographical line 50 degrees west of Greenwich that

extends in a ___ direction.

A. north and south

B. crosswise

C. easterly

D. south east

E. north and west

9. One of Magellan's ships explored the ___ of South America for a passage across the continent.

A. coastline

B. mountain range

C. physical features

D. islands

E. none of the above

10. Four of the ships sought a passage along a southern ___.

10. Four of the ships sought a passage along a southern ___.

A. coast

B. inland

C. body of land with water on three sides

D. border

E. answer not available

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