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roadside roadside Jan 31, 2021

Rishu sir ne 31 december 2011 ko apne mitr dvs sir se 2000 rupey ki rashi is sart per udaar li ki vhe varsh baad ise 8% ke sadharan byaj ke sath lota dege kintu rishu sir ne 1 july 2012 ko hi dhanrashi lolane ki isthti me aa jata he devesh sir duaara dvs sir ko kitni dhanrashi lotani he​

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its a ques of maths..not of sst siso but i have an ans..hope it helps(^.^)

Solution :

Case 1: For the first two years <br>


<br> Case 2: For the remaining time period <br>

months <br>


. <br>

Total amount that Ravi has to pay =15,000 + 4500 + 400 = Rs 23,500

Potap Potap
Jan 31, 2021
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