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Les articles definis et indefinis J'aime_couleur noire 1.le 2.la3.un 4.une​

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The French definite article indicates either a particular noun or, contrarily, the general sense of a noun.

Par exemple…

Je vois les koalas.   I see the koalas.

Le livre est sur la table.   The book is on the table.

Characteristics of definite articles

Used with countable and uncountable nouns

Placed directly in front of a noun or an adjective + noun

Agree with the noun in number and sometimes gender

Contract with certain prepositions

French definite articles

   Masculine    Feminine

singular   le, l’   la, l’

plural   les   les

+ There are three singular definite articles:

Masculine: le

Feminine: la

Contracted (masc or fem in front of vowel or mute h): l’

+ There is only one plural definite article: les.

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Sep 10, 2021
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