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When two solutions are combined, what evidence would show a chemicalreaction has occurred? *temperature remains constanta precipitate formsvolume increases

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A precipitate forms because when a chemical change occurs a new substance is formed.

The presence of chemical reaction can be detected by formation of precipitate.

hence, the correct answer is

=》a precipitate forms

n2(g) + 3h2->2nh3(g)   this is the balanced equation

note the mole ratio between n2, h2 and nh3.   it is 1 :3 :2   this will be important.

moles n2 present = 28.0 g n2 x 1 mole n2/28 g = 1 mole n2 present

moles h2 present = 25.0 g h2 x 1 mole h2/2 g = 12.5 moles h2 present

based on mole ratio, n2 is limiting in this situation because there is more than enough h2 but not enough n2.

moles nh3 that can be produced = 1 mole n2 x 2 moles nh3/mole n2 = 2 moles nh3 can be produced

grams of nh3 that can be produced = 2 moles nh3 x 17 g/mole = 34 grams of nh3 can be produced

note:  the key to this problem is recognizing that n2 is limiting, and therefore limits how much nh3 can be produced.

A. 17 hope thisdudet
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