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Write an essay on the following topicSPAEKING VIRTUAL vs FACE TO FACE (don't copy and paste from this app)​

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Face-to-Face learning is better than online learning because of the interactions and examples of face to face learning will benefit the learner the most. One of the most beneficial means of physically being in a classroom is the response time that a person receives from an actual person, such as a professor, versus an online class instructor. During face to face learning, a person’s questions will get an immediate answer whereas online learning means waiting for a response. Studies show that immediate and efficient feedback response time is crucial to effective learning. In a classroom environment, you may also have the advantage of working in small groups where you can collaborate on difficult topics and receive immediate feedback from you peer groups as well.

Sometimes, discussing issues or problems with your instructor in person is a lot easier than typing it out or trying to explain it in face-time online.

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