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Elena goes to the police station, claiming that while she was at work, someone broke into her home and stole her diamond bracelet. When the cops arrive at the crime scene, they notice a broken bedroom window. The floor of the bedroom is covered in muddy footprints. The room, on the other hand, is tidy and well-kept. Elena is arrested for fraud the following day. Is it possible for you to deduce why this is so?Feeling something something..xD​

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38 cents Dagdalas

The question is pretty vague, since it omits some details such as

1. If there were any glass shards inside or outside the room due to the broken window

2. If the footprints were in a pattern, i.e, were they random and all over the place or did they follow a specific path?

Since the riddle is kind of popular, I know the answer is Elena. The reasoning usually is that the glass shards from the broken window were apparently outside the room, i.e, the window was broken from inside the room and that the culprit knew exactly where the bracelet was because the rest of the room was untouched. The second half is indicated by the footprints apparently? But the question doesn't really elaborate much on that.

It's lighthearted, obviously, but there could be many other possibilities that say Elena was innocent. One scenario could be that the person who stole the bracelet was someone close to her, so they knew where the bracelet was. That, or the thief was very meticulous at cleaning up things after looking through them (doesn't make sense since they left their footprints behind). They broke into her house but couldn't get out because maybe she came back at that moment and broke out of her house by breaking the window. Could be anything, but if Elena's convicted, we might never know.

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