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Computer Science

Suppose you are going on a ski trip with friends. Each day, your friends will either Please Countto stay and ski one more day or Please Countto leave, such that you do notknow ahead of time how long you will keep on skiing. The ski shop gives you twooptions: you can either rent skis for 1$/day, or you can buy skis for B$ after whichyou do not need to rent skis anymore. The OPTIMAL algorithm is omniscient andknows exactly how many days N you will ski. If N > 2xB, the OPTIMAL algorithmdecides to buy skis otherwise rent skis every day. Without knowing N ahead oftime, the ONLINE algorithm is to rent skis for 2xB days, then buy skis on the 2xB +1 day. What is the competitive ratio of the ONLINE algorithm?​

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