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Joyce Griffin Joyce Griffin Jan 15, 2021

Write a 4page paragraph on Dadra and Nagar haveli (ONLY ABOUT ITS FLORA AND FAUNA)

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About 43% of the land is under forest cover. However, the reserved forest cohis territory constitutes about 40% of the total geographical area. The protected forests constitute 2.45% of the total land area.According to satellite data taken in 2008, UT has roughly about 114 square kilometres (28,000 acres) of moderately dense forest and 94 square kilometres (23,000 acres) open forest. As per Forest Survey of India, DNH has two major forest types: tropical moist deciduous forest and tropical dry deciduous forest. The major produce is khairwood/khair and general timber. Teak, sandra, khair, mahara and sisam are the major tree species in the region.Dnh forest type group mix.pngTree cover has been estimated around 27 square kilometres (6,700 acres) from the six-year data (2002–08), which is around 5.5% of the total geographical area of DNH.The rich biodiversity makes it a habitat for a variety of birds and animals with numerous trips from inland safari or the coast by tour guides providing eco-tourism. Silvassa's hills and wide, forested buffer land provides a main focal point for wildlife enthusiasts.

Opiwield Opiwield
Jan 15, 2021
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