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1. Patients who are on kidney dialysis also needa. to be checked for kidney cancerb. to be supplemented with erythropoietinc. their liver enzyme levels increasedd. to have their [K") increased by supplementation2. Which of the following is not true of adenosine triphosphate or ATP?a. Cells can start off with amino acids, but those need to be converted to glucose first.b. ATP is very reactive and our cells don't want to make more than we'll usec. Humans, plants & bacteria have different versions of ATP, but they all work the same.d. The terminal (last) phosphate group of the 3 phosphate groups breaks off & releasesenergy3. If we have a high (Glucose) in our blood, why will our cells not take it all in?a. Because the Gluts are not maintained in the plasma membrane of our cellsb. Because it's good to have a high (glucose) in our bloodc. Because the pancreas has not secreted enough of the Glutsd. Because our cells prefer to take in galactose4. Inflammation of the prostate can?a. Indicate prostate cancer.b. Can squeeze around the urethra interfering with urine flow.c. Increase the risk of dementia.d. Can increase sperm cell numbers.

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it's d. aerobic]

The answer should be a

the correct answer, according to e2020, is the second choice there is an occluded front in region a and a cold front in region b.

cells use diffusion to get substances in and out of themselves. that diffusion will occur across the cell membrane or the outer covering of the cell. because we are talking about the surface of the cell, surface area and volume are  important factors here. as a cell increases in size, its surface area and volume increase as well.  we call that the surface area to volume ratio (sa: vol).  but the catch is that  volume increases at a greater rate than surface  area. in other words, as a cell gets bigger, the sa: vol gets smaller. so a really small cell like bacteria is mostly cell membrane (surface) with very little contents (volume). a really big cell like an egg, is mostly insides with a super thin membrane. so what ends up happening is that the cell cannot efficiently diffuse all of the stuff it needs in/out to survive. therefore cell size is limited to about 100mm. so how do we make organisms bigger than 100mm?cells divide!by dividing and becoming multicellular, organisms are able to grow!  check out the diagrams i attached to see the effect of sa: vol. i hope this !good luck!

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