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What was the duke's reply about Othello's marriage? |

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The duke's reply is somewhat complicated.  At first he demands to know who stole Brabantio's Desdemona and that he will "throw the bloody book of law" at the culprit.  When Brabantio names Othello, the duke begins to backpedal a bit.  He has news that the Turks are attacking, and he needs his top general, Othello, to battle the Turks.  He certainly does not want to throw Othello in jail!  So, he asks Othello for his side of the story. 

Othello cleverly requests that the duke send for Desdemona and let her tell whether or not her elopement with Othello was voluntary.  In the meantime, Othello tells how he met Desdemona and how they fell in love.  The duke is impressed with this story, saying that he thought Othello's tale would win his daughter too.  When Desdemona arrives, she confirms Othello's story and states that her duty now lies with Othello.  

Brabantio withdraws his objection to the marriage;  the duke and Othello agree that Desdemona will accompany him to Cyprus where the Turks are supposedly moving to attack.  To Brabantio,the Duke declares that Othello is "far more fair than black," giving his approval of Othello and the marriage. 

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